Aronia has among the highest antioxidants of any fruit in the world. Its abundant polyphenols (natural antioxidants) make the berries dark purple and give Poppilu its curiously pink™ color.


Midwest Superfruit


Aronia is native to North America but hasn’t been purposely cultivated here until recent discovery of its antioxidant powers. The Midwest (particularly Iowa & surrounding states) is the primary growing region in the US, but aronia was also introduced to Eastern Europe in the 20th century where it's now commonly used in wines and juices.


For Your Health

Antioxidants fight naturally occurring cell degeneration that happens to all of us over time. This cell degeneration leads to all sorts of bad diseases. Antioxidants help prevent that process.


For the Environment

Aronia shrubs are excellent perennial stewards of the land, sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, improving soil quality, protecting against soil erosion and providing food for wildlife year round.